Plesk onyx with new features

Plesk Onyx with new features for all AIHoster servers

Just released and already included on our servers: Plesk Onyx. We'll tell you what features the new version of Plesk brings along and how to install them on your AIHoster server.

With Plesk Onyx, any Web Professional can easily manage his server and implement his own web projects. The successor to Plesk 12.5 includes additional features such as support for Docker (on dedicated servers) and Git, as well as a handy tool for system updates. Since AIHoster is the official launch partner of Plesk, our server customers already have Plesk Onyx with us today - as an early adopter. An overview of the most important changes:

Docker Support: Just download and install virtual containers

At Plesk Onyx, you download applications and operating systems directly as virtual Docker containers and install them on the server. The virtual container already has the most important presets - which makes the installation even easier. Currently, we only offer Docker on dedicated servers, but in the future there will be the same functionality in Plesk as for all our virtual and root servers.

System updates: Automatically always up to date

The system update tool automatically checks for updates to the installed applications. You decide how often that happens. In addition, you decide whether you want to install the updates manually or whether this should happen automatically.

Git Support: Share developer projects on your own server

Also for the own Git repository Plesk Onyx is suitable. You have two options: Via the tool you load development branches either on Github or directly on your own server.

Support for Ruby and Node.js

There is more than just PHP. Plesk Onyx now supports Ruby and Node.js. This means: You can now also execute scripts directly in the browser.

What is the easiest way to install Plesk Onyx on your AIHoster server?

Do you already have a Plesk version on your server? In order to be able to update onyx, you have to activate the "Early-Adopter-Version" in the menu under "Tools & Settings". You will then receive a notification and can install the update on Plesk Onyx with just a few clicks.

Do not you have any plesk yet? Then you can proceed according to the following tutorial:

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