Plesk Onyx Licensing

Plesk Onyx Licensing

New licenses

Because Plesk Onyx in four editions There are also four different licenses for Plesk Onyx: Web Admin, Web App, Web Pro and Web Host. Each license is available in two platform types:

  • VPS - suitable for any virtualization platform: Virtuozzo (containers and VMs), VMware, Xen, Hyper-V etc.
  • Dedicated - Can be installed on a VPS or a dedicated server.

In Plesk Onyx there are no more specific licenses for Plesk for Windows and Plesk for Linux, You can install the same license either on a server running Windows or Linux.

Upgrades and downgrades between editions can only be done with monthly leasing licenses. The following upgrade options are available:

  • From Web Admin to Web Pro or Web Host
  • From Web App to Web Pro or Web Host
  • From Web Pro to Web Host

Upgrades do not upgrade the license: VPS licenses can be upgraded to VPS licenses and dedicated licenses can be upgraded to dedicated licenses.

New add-ons

The following changes have been made in the add-on model in Plesk Onyx:

  • There are no specific add-ons for Windows or Linux: Add-ons apply to all licenses (for example PowerPack).
  • Add-ons are in the VPS& #8211; and dedicated Version available. The two types differ in price. The add-on type must match the parent license type (VPS or dedicated).
  • Add-ons are only available on a monthly leasing basis, even if they are for a purchased license.

The following new add-ons are available for Plesk Onyx editions:

* The add-on is not available for editions in which it is already included.

If you upgrade a license with a paid add-on to a higher edition that already includes the add-on, you will receive the add-on for free. If you downgrade to a lower edition license for a license with a free add-on that does not include the add-on, the add-on will be charged again.

Software Upgrade Services (SUS)

So far, SUS was included in domain functions. In Plesk Onyx, the domain limit is part of the license type. Therefore, SUS are available for purchased licenses as a separate feature: 1 year SUS for Plesk (purchased). SUS is obligatory on the first purchase.

Compatibility with older licenses

Plesk Onyx works with leasing licenses For Plesk 10.x / 11.x / 12.x or higher, These licenses receive additional features to enable the features of Plesk Onyx when upgrading Plesk. Which Plesk Onyx features are added to the license depends on the number of domains the license allows:

Domain limit of the licenseWordPress ToolkitSecurity CoreSpam protection for the outboxServerShield

10 domains




30-300 Domains / Unlimited





These add-ons are available for free for two years.

Plesk Onyx add-ons, such as the complete Atomic Security for ModSecurity ruleset, can not be purchased for an earlier version of Plesk. The license must be in the format Plesk Onyx be present.

For licenses purchased for previous versions of Plesk, you can upgrade to Plesk Onyx if the licenses include the SUS feature. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new license for Plesk Onyx when you upgrade to Plesk Onyx.

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